Intelligent, hands-on fraud protection.

ChargebackOps provides the most comprehensive enterprise chargeback management service available in the market today. Using our hands-on, collaborative approach, our chargeback analysts investigate and respond to each chargeback case in order to match your desired handling for any type of fraud.

Our services are uniquely designed for Fortune-500 ecommerce companies who prioritize the lifetime value of their customer and their brand.

Chargeback Management

Hands-on, collaborative investigation and response to each chargeback case in order to optimize fraud handling.

Order Screening & Review

Cost-effective, multi-platform order review service for ecommerce and BOPIS programs. 

Fraud Strategy Audit

On-premise fraud and consulting for companies who want to manage their chargeback process in-house. 

Not just another software solution…

We augment our fraud services with real humans so they cannot be gamed by artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms. Fact is, fraudsters (humans) are super crafty, and they will figure out any machine learning algorithm put in front of them. They always will. They can only be caught by other smart, crafty humans. That is us.

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