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There is no question, chargebacks are a hassle. They tie up funds your company is counting on while disputes are being settled. Worse yet, because a good portion of them are fraudulent, they steal profits and could ultimately shut down your business.

At ChargebackOps we're on a mission to help merchants fight back, relieving the inconvenience, frustration and sometimes devastating affects that chargebacks can have on your company.

How we can help...

Fighting chargebacks is simple, right? Then why do so many companies avoid it or, worse yet, do it wrong? We think its because they don't have the right tools or expertise to be successful in today's rapidly changing marketplace. Rather than spending time and money with your internal teams, let us help you win more chargebacks all while learning best practice techniques so you can avoid many of the chargebacks you receive today.

Fighting Chargebacks

Chargeback RepresentationOur highly trained, customer-focused experts work to understand your business and customize every reversal before sending it to your bank. Our tools and processes help you recover the lost revenue you deserve. And, we provide the analytics to prove it.

Avoiding Chargebacks

Chargeback AvoidanceMany of your chargebacks could have been avoided if you were listening. For companies sensitive to high chargeback rates, we use industry standard services to detect potential fraud and then process refunds on your behalf.

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"Having worked in the eCommerce payment processing industry for more than 20-years, my disappointment with chargeback providers were many. You need a partner that protects your brand and defends you against consumer fraud, all while providing effective fraud prevention strategies. ChargebackOps has provided that much sought after experience, ethics, and intelligence."

Lorin Young
Customer Care Manager
Why we are different...

Relationships are everything. We take the time necessary to understand your business and the people running it. This partnership gives us more credibility with your processor while teaching you solid best practice techniques. We not only help recover today's lost revenue but also show you how to avoid chargeback risk in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

By first understanding how you process chargebacks today, we can automate the manual, labor-intensive steps without giving up the customized responses you need to win your reversal. Our rules-based technology give our chargeback analysts greater leverage with the IT systems necessary for effective processing. This patented technology provides our clients with higher win-back rates, better efficiency, and fewer mistakes.

Steve Fulling and Phil Windley developed one of the first eCommerce websites in 1994 and built First Data Corp's first Internet payment gateway in 1997. David Hunt and Mike Williams have an extensive background with legal and business operations in dealing with card-not-present, merchant processing, and fraud prevention. We have the knowledge, drive, and partnerships necessary to navigate this costly and frustrating part of online merchant processing.

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"ChargebackOps has become a true partner, helping us spot fraud trends while always staying on top of our chargebacks. Their reporting and dashboards are great, but what’s even better is the commentary that comes from my assigned fraud analyst. He knows my business and always has our best interests in mind."

Lisa Su
Vice President and Controller

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"I wanted to personally thank your team for all the feedback, alerting us to issues that were part of a greater problem in our customer service handling. With the help of ChargebackOps, we have made improvements to our business processes in a systematic way, allowing us to focus on our core strength."

Dennis Robinson
Nubiotix Health Sciences