About Us

ChargebackOps, LLC was founded in early 2015. Our core team developed the chargeback management service for Visa during the time CyberSource offered support for chargebacks. Because CyberSource did not want to invest further into this business unit, they decommissioned the service in late 2014. And because many of the former CyberSource clients moved to ChargebackOps in 2015, we have serviced many of our clients for more than a decade. Our hands-on, collaborative approach is unique, proven, and effective.

Our core leadership team has the perfect balance between business and technology expertise. We have witnessed first-hand the damage caused by chargeback mismanagement and we too have seen the power of a well-managed enterprise.

Steve Fulling Founder and CEO

Steve Fulling brings more than 25 years experience building and leading technology companies and teams. Prior to ChargebackOps, he was the Founder and CEO of Kynetx, an Internet-of-Things provider of Personal Cloud services. Before Kynetx, Steve built and deployed Sento’s customer service technology solutions for Fortune-500 clients like McAfee, Intuit, and Overstock. Steve was one of the Founders and Executive Officer of First Data Corp funded iMall, Inc. which was sold to Excite@Home in 1999 for $450M. Steve is a graduate of the University of California, Davis with a BS degree in Computer Science.

Chris Ballenger Vice President of Customer Success

Chris Ballenger has over 15 years experience helping merchants with chargeback and fraud prevention strategies. He developed and led the chargeback management service for CyberSource, the Visa-backed payment provider. Chris has helped Fortune-500 companies regain lost revenue through the use of data-driven chargeback prevention strategies. His experience with First Data, Chase PaymentTech, Global Payments, and Vantiv give Chris a unique understanding with today’s CNP risks. Prior to CyberSource, Chris worked for online retailer Overstock.com in customer service management. Chris is a graduate of Northern Michigan University with a BS degree in Communications.

Alan Hubbs Vice President of Operations

Alan Hubbs has over 10 years experience developing and leading chargeback programs and the teams that support them. He has an extensive background in developing the analysis and business processes required by Fortune 500 eCommerce multi-channel fraud programs. While at CyberSource, Alan helped develop the original chargeback management service for their many enterprise clients. After CyberSource, he provided program development and leadership for a competing outsourced chargeback company. Alan is finishing his BS degree in Computer Science at Utah Valley University.

Mike Williams Board Advisor – Business

Mike Williams is a seasoned executive and a serial entrepreneur. Mike was the CEO of World Wide Payment Solutions, a payment processing company serving both offline and higher-risk online merchants. As Chief Operating Officer of Sento Corp, Mike helped grow this public, International BPO company from $10M to over $60M in annual revenue. From large organizations like Overstock.com, McAfee and Intuit to small, single location retail stores, Mike’s experience and operational expertise allow him to dissect and improve any process, organization and business he works with.

David Hunt Board Advisor – Legal

David S. Hunt, Esq., has been involved in creating, financing and growing development stage enterprises in a variety of industries since the 1990’s. Mr. Hunt has participated as a founder, investor, advisor or legal counsel, for numerous public offerings, venture funds, hundreds of millions of dollars in private equity and debt placements, private-to-public mergers, PIPE transactions, reverse-mergers and various business development activities. Mr. Hunt has been closely involved with the founding, development and/or reorganization of dozens of companies, including companies later purchased by large private equity groups and public issuers now trading on national stock exchanges.

Phil Windley Board Advisor – Technology

Phil Windley is an Enterprise Architect in the Office of the CIO at Brigham Young University. He is the Founder and CTO of Kynetx, the company behind the open-source connected-car product, Fuse. Phil spent two years as the CIO for the State of Utah, serving on Governor Mike Leavitt’s Cabinet. Before entering public service, Phil was Vice President for Product Development and Operations at Excite@Home. He was the Founder and CTO of iMALL, Inc. an early creator of electronic commerce tools. Phil received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of California, Davis in 1990.