ChargebackOps Softball Team

8 May

CBOps 2016 softball

Led by Chris Ballenger, the ChargebackOps softball team is a joint venture with Authorize.Net.

This team is made up of a dozen men who have been playing softball together for over 6 years. From April through August, they play out of Orem, Utah on Thursday evenings. Great rivalries have been built against other local companies and organizations like, the Orem Police Department, Liberty Title, Geneva Rock, and now Domo. On game nights players and families come out to enjoy some friendly competition, amazing weather, and develop lifelong friendships.

We Are The Ten

23 Nov

We Are The Ten

We believe teams are only as good as the values that bond them. We reject the standard that in a team of one hundred, ten do the work. We are the ten. We believe values and culture fundamentally transform the behaviors and actions of a team. We reject the practice of policies and procedures replacing accountability and responsibility. We believe through individual practice and patterning we can break old school techniques that taught disengagement and retreat. To this end, we have identified our cultural values necessary to become part of the ten.

Get Real. This is the most important tenet of our shared culture. We believe in facing reality. If it’s bad news, we can handle it. Lose the formality. Cut through process, politics and bureaucracies, rather than taking refuge within them. Politics and formalities are not part of our culture. Say it. Do it. Live it.

Simplicity. Complication is the enemy. Keep it simple. If something becomes too complicated, take a step back and reduce scope. If the idea is too complicated, throw half of it out and simplify what remains. People want simple. Make simple part of your life.

Engagement. Engagement and personal accountability are among your primary job requirements. We expect active participation in discussions, problem solving, brainstorming, and solutions development. We pay for results not attendance. Have integrity by doing what you say and saying what you do.

Agility. We are fast paced and flexible. We’re always able to keep up with the dynamic needs of the business. If we have a bad idea, we throw it away and create a new one before going home. Innovation and creativity are all we have, each are maximized through flexibility.

Break the Rules. Rules are about conservatism, risk management, and reducing personal liability. We’re risk takers. We believe in results. We do what’s necessary to achieve genuine results. We’re careful to uphold personal honesty and integrity during this process. Breaking the rules does not mean unlawful or reckless behavior.

Intuition. We value intuition. Your gut is almost always right. Your intuition is telling you something – listen. We learn by exploring. Think out loud and pay attention to your instincts. Intuition is the tell tale sign of a leader.

Experience the Customer. The customer is our business. We can’t understand our business without understanding the customer. Customers are everything. We must keep our customers at the center of our every action, decision, and purpose. Customers rule.

Transparency and Disclosure. We are transparent in all of our dealings. We tell the truth. We tell it all. We tell it like it is. We share our discoveries, share our thoughts, and share good news as well as bad. Information should move up and down the organization freely.

Courage and Confrontation. Have the courage to take a stand. Have the courage to confront your peers, subordinates, supervisors, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders. Ideas survive on merit not origin. Nothing bad comes from confrontation. Take the high road and be courteous — remember the no asshole rule. Courage coupled with confrontation leads to transcendence.

Become Owners. Owners think in terms of results; employees think in terms of tasks. Reject employee thinking. Owners are autonomous, empowered, and always taking responsibility. They live and die by their decisions. They seek and exude accountability.

Belief and Faith. We believe. We believe in ourselves, our team, our combined abilities, our products, our vision, our company, our partners, our customers, and most importantly in abundance. We have faith sufficient to understand when belief may appear impossible; there will come a day where it won’t.

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